Saturday, December 10, 2005

Songs of the Year Part I

I more often obsess about individual tracks rather than entire albums. Because I crazed over too many songs this year to list them all at once, I'll introduce them serially. And mind you, I'm not limiting myself to '05 releases. And now, in no particular order:

Mp3: Cotton Candy - The Brunettes
You'll be sold after the first 5 seconds in which they reference an 80's toy who had a cartoon made about her where in one episode the nemesis says, "The mansion burned down. BOOORing!" Which I know because I netflixed the DVDs last year.

Mp3: Autobahn Music - Cut Copy
As the title suggests, this song would be appropriate to listen to while driving fast. But only if you're also crying.

Mp3: Anti-Western - Camera Obscura
Don't discard them as Belle & Sebastian clones just yet. Something about the way the song resolves in the last 5 seconds kills me.

Mp3: Musclecar Reform Reprise - Mylo
Hot. In a "I'm singing about cars but not really" sort of way.

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