Thursday, January 5, 2006

Even Better Stars

Stars are just one reason why Montreal is one of the coolest cities in music these days. Though it spawned a lovely video, "Ageless Beauty" was not my favorite track on Set Yourself on Fire. This remix, however, is delightful. It's not typical of their usual layers of dreamy sounds, but the acoustic, stripped down approach serves the song well.

Mp3: Ageless Beauty (Most Serene Remix) - Stars

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Sissyneck said...

I spent a few days over the break trying to get "Ageless Beauty" to sound right on an acoustic guitar...I was working off of the album version and a tab of questionable accuracy, and it never sounded quite right. I was hoping this version might help me out a bit, but the raggy rhythm is going to make it just as hard. Cool track, though.