Friday, January 6, 2006

A Plea to Pas/Cal

This post is dedicated to Pas/Cal and the stopping of whatever nonsense (covering their site in excellent graphics maybe?) that's keeping them from giving us an effing LP. Since 2003 they've released a couple ep's and split singles, and a really freaky Christmas song. Their studio blog, which hasn't been updated since October, says the release date is "someday." But come on. Just a tiny indication of progress? Well at least we have a title: Citizen's Army Uniform. Update: The band say they want to finish recording by March, but still no goal for an actual release.

Pas/Cal have a sort of 60's pop thing going on, and are from Detroit which contributes to my fascination with the city. A place that gives me Madonna, Jack White, Brendan Benson, etc. etc. makes me want to visit. This track is from their first ep, and the thing about it is the tempo. It often feels like it's dragging, which you'd think I'd hate, but I love.

Mp3: This Ain't For Everyone - Pas/Cal

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Tal said...

thanks for the link, neat blog! you got linked as well.

Anonymous said...

came across your site by googling one of my faves. just so you know the band has updated the studio blog and have said that the album will be completed by march. also you should keep an eye on their myspace site. they posted an amazing new song around the holidays called "i want a little red radio"


jo said...

ha. thanks, lynn. i must have been looking at a chached page of the blog. here's to their goal of recording by march and getting it to us not long after!