Wednesday, February 15, 2006

dear dirk, start the magic. love jo.

This is my official welcome to Dirk, who's going to start helping me out with mtm. He introduces me to so much good music that it just makes sense for him to pass his finds on to you directly. Back in the day when we both lived in the nyc, after a conversation about him being obsessed with "Gay Bar" and me being obsessed with "Danger! High Voltage" he gave me the whole Electric Six album specifically pointing out the track below. Thus was the beginning of our musical symbiosis. Anyway, I love this song. It stands out from the rest of that album in that amongst all that camp it's got some feeling.

Mp3: Synthesizer - Electric Six

By the way, I haven't really listened to the new E6. Is it any good?

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sissyneck said...

that's a pretty kick-ass song...welcome to dirk...I think we've met before. Congrats on your vegas show...those are some xtreme white tigers.