Wednesday, February 15, 2006

dear jo, my first trick. love dirk

I didn't know what my first post should be so I decided to be a copy kitten (not a full blown cat) and also pick something from my ipod's top 25 playlist. I picked #12 out of a hat (my head). It was "Tons Confession" by Blonde Redhead. How fitting. Jo and I saw them open for Interpol last year. My introduction to them came via the wind across a stinky polo field at Coachella 2002. I followed the tempting sounds and was a fan by the last song. This track is off The Secret Society Of Butterflies ep and it really haunts me in a totally healthy way. Usually their ep's and singles are worth it because they smear their international chic all over it by singing previously released tracks in different languages. Dear Kazu, Amedeo & Simone- so hip, i'm jealous. can i come to your castle and play chess and maybe make a death mask? Dirk

Also I will throw in "In Particular". The song that sank its teeth in.

Mp3: Tons Confession - Blonde Redhead

Mp3: In Particular - Blonde Redhead

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Anonymous said...

What's with the late post?!? Get with the program Dirk.

jo said...


it counts as today's post so it's actually incredibly early.

Anonymous said...

Do you know the lyrics to Tons Confession?

Dirk said...

I do not have the lyrics. I have done a bit of research but I got nothin'. I would really like to know exactly what they are. BR tends to get heavy on melodic and not on annunciating... which i don't mind obviously, but it would be nice to know. The words I have come up with for sing-alongs are interesting.