Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mates of State

It's kind of gaggy to be so good looking and make happy music with your good looking spouse. And cool, cause really, you'd do it. If you're not a Mates of States fan, the new album Bring It Back might not convert you. But it's catchy, the songwriting is solid (although I don't love the ballad-ish ones), and they seem a little more mature. Today my favorite is the first track:

mp3: Think Long - Mates of State

And then there's this sorta unofficial video for "Goods (All In Your Head)" that I could watch all day. The guy dancing is director G. J. Echternkamp. He's got moves that belong in Ze Frank's How To Dance Properly. I love it.

Bring It Back is out March 21. preorder it at Amazon
mates of state on the web, on myspace

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