Friday, February 24, 2006


Here's just some miscellany stuff I've been listening to a lot in the last few days.

mp3: Wide Awake - Alec Ounsworth
If you still haven't downloaded the old demos from the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah frontman, do it here. This one's dirgy and good for the dead of winter. And his "alright, alright" at the halfway point is so tender.

mp3: Fit But You Know It (remix feat. Kano, Donae'o, Lady Sovereign, and Tinchy Stryder) - The Streets
Maybe I've been revisiting this in anticipation of the new album. I love how Lady Sovereign comes in like she's that little kid in Les Mis (Gavroche?) and steals the song.

mp3: I Though You Were My Boyfriend - The Magnetic Fields
This is addictive. I like the description I've heard of these guys as like The Hidden Cameras but less gay.

Also, just watched Stars on Irish television which you can see here.

And here's what B&S say today about their new mix cd:

Monday sees the release of Belle & Sebastian's "Late Night Tales" mix CD. It's a 26-track compilation of choice cuts, lovingly mixed by Beans, featuring RJD2, Stereolab, Steve Miller, Lootpack and many others, not to mention B&S covering a Brazilian song called "Cassaco Marron". The NME gave it 9/10, which is more than "The Life Pursuit". So if you like "The Life Pursuit", hey, this is even better! And if you don't, hey, try this! It's better! Joking apart, it's a great wee compilation and we thoroughly recommend checking it out. It can be explored, or even purchased, by clicking THIS, as can a limited 7" of "Cassaco Marron".


Tal said...

man, thanks for the magnetic fields song. it really affected me. that piano bit is so moving. i thought you were my boyfriend i thought you were my boyfriend...

Nic said...

Snagged the Magnetics Fields song. It's lovely.