Monday, February 6, 2006

Moving Units

Last year I saw Moving Units open for Secret Machines, whom they upstaged to the point of embarrasment. I mean, I expected it, but everyone else seemd to be surprised by the dance dance heaven they created (and the subsequent boredom induced by the headliner). Plus, their drummer's crazy, at times playing standing up, with hands for sticks, or while impersonating a cat. I'm excited to hear they're shooting for a fall '06 release for their second full length. These come from the '04 release Dangerous Dreams.

Mp3: Available - The Moving Units

Mp3: Anyone - The Moving Units

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Tal said...

that's cool. i like moving units. they remind of the liars in a vague way.

sissyneck said...

upstaged the secret machines to the point of embarassment? i've never seen either of them live, but i have to say i'm skeptical. did the secret machines include "marconi's radio" in the set?

also, did you see that pretty girls are coming?

jo said...

i was embarrassed for them at least.

and no i didn't, but i'll be on my way to indio, yo. howsabout pink mountaintops at kilby?