Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Remix Tuesday: Ratatat and run on sentences

But first, It's Feb. 7, which means you're all out buying a hard copy of The Life Pursuit, because even though you've already been listening to it for the last six months, you're a loyal fan. But if today's a little anti-climactic for you, get your Belle & Sebastian in comic book form.

Dirk recently introduced me to the Shout Out Louds with this remix which distracted me from listening to much else of theirs cause it's so good and I'm a sucker for Ratatat, who's sound makes me imagine they're especially fond of the "accordian" buttons on their synths which probably don't actually exist. Digressing from the "remix" part of "remix tuesday", I also opted for one from their self-titled. You won't even notice it's got no words. Well, now you will.

Mp3: The Comeback (Big Slippa Mix by Ratatat) - Shout Out Louds

Mp3: El Pico - Ratatat

update: links should be working. i host mp3s on my school's server and every once in a while it gives me problems that i just have to wait out. sorry about that.


Anonymous said...

linky no worky :(

nacho said...

what he said.
the shout out louds remix is rad btw.

Kraigg said...

Works fine now. Cool site. Got piped in here from http://hype.non-standard.net/

Anonymous said...

I've actually been procrasting on homework to spend the last few hours downloading remixes off your blog which I just found this morning. However, to my disappointment, none of them really work. Is that because they have been up for a long time and you've decided to take them down or because your school's server just happens to be giving you problems right now?

Jo said...

yeah sorry about the nonworking links. songs are deleted after about a year, which is actually a pretty long time for music blogs. hope you find something you like in what's still available, and i'll try to keep posting remixes.