Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Remix Tuesday: Project Runway Edition

I am aware that this is not a blog about tv. That being said, Jo and I are avid Project Runway watchers. The final 3 have been chosen and the countdown to catwalk is on. So for the next few weeks remix tuesday will be some suggestion music for the final contestants' runway shows. Don't worry, these songs will not dissapoint. First up, Chloe.

I am going to suggest Brazilian Girls. First up, a remix by themselves of their song Lazy Lover. Second, an old tune by Blossom Dearie, sped up to a tantalizing speed. I saw Brazilian Girls at Sundance for free and they were hypnotic. The vocalist Sabina is insane. She says things like "We are all together... 3,4,5-gether." Given her incredible accent all I can say is "Yes, yes we are."

mp3: Lazy Lover (Brazilian Girls Freemix) - Brazilian Girls

mp3: Just One Of Those Things (Brazilian Girls Remix) - Blossom Dearie


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Anonymous said...

hey, i got a comment for ya, why don't you take all of your hair and put it on top of your head with a banana clip and wear an enormous nonsensical shirt and ask if we've all been to the south of spain right? good one. i'm anonymous because signing in is so lame. xo kath