Wednesday, March 1, 2006


Today I'm posting from my brand new Macbook Pro! Hallelujah! In honor of the new compy and my being able to download as much new music (and of course do all the schoolwork) I want without a crash, here's some stuff we've been sent recently that I think is worth checking out.

Kid Theodore
People have been posting about these guys, and I will follow suit because they are close by and it's always nice when the local musicians don't sound like the local musicians. So say the officials: "Each band member comes from different musical backgrounds and influences. Because of this, it is hard to put a finger on exactly what Kid Theodore sounds like. But if you could mix early Tom Waits with the Kinks, or Belle and Sebastian with Johnny Cash, add in some Jazz and touch it with Radio Head then you'd get a pretty good idea."

mp3: Lonely Angel - Kid Theodore
mp3: I Am A Moth - Kid Theodore

Track a Tiger
"The sound? Moody. Lots of male-female harmonies. A little rock, but mostly slow, sad, sleepy late nights." Their debut Woke Up Early The Day I Died is out as of yesterday.

mp3: Sound as Ever - Track a Tiger
mp3: Glad To Be Scattered - Track a Tiger (my fave)
mp3: Seashaken Heart - Track a Tiger

Santa Dog
Good old sweet indie pop. Belle De Jour ep out soon.
Hear more on myspace, especially "Chemical" from their last ep of the same name.

mp3: Rosa - Santa Dog

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