Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Remix Tuesday : Project Runway Edition Part Two

So this week's remix theme is runway music suggestions for Santino. Dearest Santino, you have been trouble from the beginning. Who knows what your final collection will look like but we are nervous. I have two musical suggestions for you. Both a bit extreme and sporadic... much like your clothing.

First up, "Guten Tag/Die Reklamation" (Selbstverwirklichungs Mix) by German band (really?) Wir Sind Helden. Now this is a great song but is mostly just in case you decide to go with another German themed line. This song is fast, fun, out of control and about as "Doytch" as it gets. The key change half way through I find hilarious, as if this song needs an excuse to be rev'd up.

mp3: Guten Tag/Die Reklamation (Selbstverwirklichungs Mix) - Wir Sind Helden

Secondly, and a bit more seriously, "Give Me Every Little Thing" (Cajmere Mix) by The Juan Maclean. I dare anyone to resist dancing to this incredible tune. Also, I figure since Santino likes to put every little thing onto each garment he creates, this is perfect. Clap Clap Snap Snap Whip Shake Hey Hey Hey Hey. Listen. Santino, you could seriously win with this song.

mp3: Give Me Every Little Thing (Cajmere Remix) - The Juan Maclean

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