Friday, April 7, 2006

you know his name is adam, stop callin' him phyllis

This one is for the Beastie Boys...specifically Ad Rock. Three things have happened to me lately that have intensified my already huge amount of respect for the b-boys. First, I have seen their new film twice. I saw what was called "Awesome, I F***in Shot That!" at Sundance with a sound system they brought and we were all subwoofed into a b-boy nirvana...the theater was throbbing. Saw it again recently and it was called "An Awesome Evening with the Beastie Boys." It is amazing and funny and you should all see it. Ad Rock is one of the coolest dancers around. Watch and learn. Second, My friend Kathryn and I met MCA in Park City and he was so incredibly cool, we just chatted for a bit. Third, and I might be a laggard on this one, but did you know that Ad Rock is remixing under the two names 41 Small Stars and Small Stars... because I did not. So here are two remixes by him and you can also get another from this old post. I feel a little bad about leaving Mike D out so I will tell you now how much I like his killer collection of sunglasses.

mp3: The Negotiation Limerick File (The 41 Small Star Remix)
This is on the single along with some other great mixes.

mp3: Le Tigre - Mediocrity Rules (41 Small Stars Mix)
This can be found on the Le Tigre Remix album.

mp3: Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right (To Party) Mix
I don't know much about this except that it was originally on some vinyl in the UK. Good Stuff.


Anonymous said...

didn't know about adrock either...
i guess, he also did a remix for lady sovereign.

anyhow, thanks for the info etc.
btw, the first link comes up empty.

jo said...

that first link should work now.
and the lady sov remix is here.

Tom said...

He did a remix for Beck's Guerolito album too.

Dirk said...

Thanks for the info. I will have to check out that Beck mix. I like Beck and Ad Rock so I am sure it is great.

Anonymous said...

he also did a remix of juan mclean by the time I get to venus on DFA if my memory serves me right

Anonymous said...

i have been searching for that beastie boys remix for almost a year now! you rock beyond the telling of it.

Anonymous said...

ha ha oh my sweet sweet lord remember when we met MCA????? yes, best day of my life. remember remixes? i love them, so i will do you the great honor of bestowing upon to you this list from the fountain of knowledge that is of known remixes by bboys (see below) much much love, kathryn
ps- sorry for the long "comment", more like novela. kiss, renato.

Artist Remix
At The Drive-In Rascuache (Latch Brothers Remix)
Beck Shake Shake Tambourine (Smallstars Remix)
Bjork Army Of Me (ABA All-Stars Mix)
Bjork Army Of Me (Instrumental ABA All-Stars Mix)
Bran Van 3000 The Answer (Latch Brothers Remix)
Cibo Matto Sugar Water (Mike D./Russell Simins/Mario Caldato Jr. Remix)
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Flavor Part 1 (Beck Hansen, Mike Diamond, Mario Caldato Jr. Remix)
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Flavor Part 2 (Beck Hansen, Mike Diamond, Mario Caldato Jr. Remix)
Juan Maclean By The Time I Get To Venus (Adrock Remix)
Lady Sovereign A Little Bit Of Shhh (Smallstars Remix)
Le Tigre Hot Topic (41 Small Stars Remix)
Luscious Jackson Why Do I Lie (Mike D Remix)
Matisyahu King Without A Crown (Mike D Remix)
Moby Natural Blues (Mike D Edit)
Moby Natural Blues (Mike D Remix)
Murder City Devils Press Gang (Latch Brothers Remix)
Nancy Boy Johnny Chrome & Silver (Munich 86 Mix - Vocals)
Nancy Boy Johnny Chrome & Silver (Munich 86 Instrumental)
Nancy Boy Johnny Chrome & Silver (Ska Dub)
Nancy Boy Johnny Chrome & Silver (Ska - Vocals)
The Prunes Rockin' The Mic (The Latch Brothers Remix)
Ralph Nader Countdown (Adam Horovitz Remix)
Rammstein Benzin (Smallstars Remix)
Ween Freedom Of '76 (Shaved Dog Mix)
Yoko Ono The Source (ABA Allstars)

Anonymous said...

Awesome, you so rock.