Friday, April 28, 2006


The Yeah Yeah Yeahs played with Blood On The Wall at the University of Utah last weekend which was just what I needed to realize that I really do love Show Your Bones. I didnt attach to it right away like I did the old stuff. But finally seeing them live, I got so caught up loving the new uns that when old favorites "Y Control" and "Art Star" came around, whoa was that just the best thing that could have happened ever. Briggie did a delightful review back in February of a NYC show in which the YYYs = a hamburger and he's kinda right.

Blood on the Wall are great because they remind you of the punk shows of your youth but they look like hippies.

Dirk: "She should have babies with Erlend Oye."

The anthemic "Phenomena" was the perfect opener.

At one moment Karen O is a seductress, the next she flails around like a kid in her living room.

And who makes all those metallic outfits for her?

Karen O is so mesmerizing that you can't watch Nick long enough to see how on earth he makes all that noise by him lil old self.

I expected a crazier Karen, but it was apparent she was genuinely enjoying herself. Especially during the kid-dancing.

mp3: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Y Control (Brooklyn Fire Retouch)
mp3: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Phenomena

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I was at this show! It was amazing, particularly Pin, Y Control and Maps. I adore them live now. I was on the left side of the stage, and apparently you were on the right. Glad to find another SLC person, eh?

Dan F.