Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Coachella recap: the goodies and the baddies

A week late, but take what you can get. Sorry for the lack around here, I think it took me a week to recover from the last month. By now you've heard all about Coachella, or probably you were there cause you are super cool, but here's my Coachella weekend in brief:

the goodies:                                                      the baddies:

Lady Sovereign for getting heineken Missing White Rose Movement
in her eyes, forgetting her words,
because of traffic.
and still rocking.

Robbie Guertin for being the TV on the Radio for sounding

member of Clap Your Hands muddy and basically just serving
least bored with their own as a placeholder for Ladytron.
set--he in fact appeared to
be having fun.

Metric for looking and sounding Everyone for their ridiculous need
tons better than the "Monster to take pictures throughout entire

Hospital" video ever suggests sets, blocking views with their
and inciting my obsession for endlessly upstretched arms.

the week.

The Madonna crowd The Ladytron crowd for
for being pleasant being bitches

Mylo for kicking Paul Oakenfold's Paul Oakenfold for having
ass with his dj skills and giving the look of a smarmy

us the best dance party of the telenovela character
festival. and putting me to sleep.

Seeing Santino Not seeing Daniel V

The worker guy who kept things Too many choices!
lively by offering
mouthfuls of I missed way too many good
squirt whip cream to line-waiters. things because there were
other good things to see first
Jamie Lidell for a set with the and this makes me sad.
appearance of a magic act, including
an assistant to help with sparkly
wardrobe changes, and
an an ability
to merge that soulful voice with crazy
beats, creating the second best dance
party of the festival.

All in all, the goodies won and it was all worth it. Ana Matronic of Scissor Sisters, in the last time slot of the weekend (up against Tool), purported that Coachella would no longer be held at the Empire Polo Fields. It's hard to tell when she's serious, so I'm not sure about the veracity of that statement, or whether I care, but there you go. I got bored of taking pictures quickly, especially with all the other cameras already in my face, but here's a couple, and some tunes from just a few of the acts I especially enjoyed this year.
Lady Sovereign

Jamie Lidell

Santino of Project Runway
A bit stalkerish of me, but I did not move a bit from my spot at Scissor
Sisters to take this, he just plopped do
wn right next to us. Plus I
didn't want to bug him during the set.

mp3: Jamie Lidell - When I Come Back Around (Freeform Reform)
from the new remix album Multiply Additions and a little closer to the live experience than Multiply

mp3: Ladytron - Weekend (James Iha Mix)
from the remix album Extended Play

mp3: Lady Sovereign - Public Warning (live)
also avail on myspace

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