Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Big Japan

Why did I not know that Adam Brody is in a band called Big Japan? Clearly I need to spend some time on message boards about the O.C. and relateds. Or probably I heard it and promptly forgot, but this time I actually listened to it. Well I didn't expect to be in love with it and I'm not, but it's not horrible. They're aiming pretty safe with sounds sometimes a bit Death Cabby and sometimes a bit Shinsy. But sometimes a bit "cool kids playing for the high school assembly." They have a song called "All the Fish in the Sea are Stupid Sluts Anyway" which counts for something though, right? My curiosity may just win out and get me there when they come through on their West Coast tour. Take a listen:

mp3: Big Japan - The Rise and Fall of Bill

Hear more on myspace.


Tal said...

i wanted to try to say something half-witty about you being gay and liking adam brody (wait, are you a chick? take that back then) but then the title 'all the fish in the sea are stupid sluts anyway' kinda made me forgive you :)

amy said...

how is it that adam brody behind a drum set is even hotter than adam brody not behind a drum set? did he play with death cab at one point? i swear i've seen photos suggesting such.