Wednesday, December 20, 2006

six degrees of santa

I guess this story really starts with the White Stripes, who's album Get Behind Me Satan inspired ShiSho to record the song "Get Behind Me Santa" last year. Fast Forward to Sufjan's recent Christmas release, with a different song also entitled "Get Behind Me, Santa." I'll leave it to the Vivian and Midge of Shisho to explain the rest:

Midge: Well, we did a release, not a release. Well we stole... well, I wouldn't say stole...

Vivian: ...We didn't steal anything. We covered Sufjan Steven's song "Get Behind Me, Santa." We covered this song because we have a song called "Get Behind Me Santa."

Midge: Our song called "Get Behind Me Santa" is original – and everybody knows it. Our second one called "Get Behind Me Santa" is Sufjan Stevens'.

Vivian: It came out like last year. So we thought it would be funny to cover Sufjan Steven's new version that came out last month. We did it for fun... his record label, Athmatic Kitty has us listed as a top friend. So hopefully they'll hear it and laugh some.

Midge: We thought it would be really really funny so we just did it. So now you can listen to two "Get Behind Me Santa's." Sufjan's version is...

Vivian: Like all pop!

Midge: Yeah, super duper poppy...

Vivian: So we did (the cover version – dad) all, like mellow... just like Sufjan's other saddish kind of songs. You just have to hear it.

Shisho - Get Behind Me Santa (original)
mp3: Sufjan Stevens - Get Behind Me, Santa!
mp3: Shisho - Get Behind Me, Santa! (Sufjan cover)

There you have it. for more about them
Filthy Little Angels has for dl the entire Christmas albums that contain another new Shisho Christmas song and treats from other artists.
And a late Happy Birthday do Vivian who just turned 10!


Jim H said...

Hi - something is wrong with the link to the Shisho cover of the SS song... I'm dying to hear it.

Anonymous said...

you can direct link to the sufjan cover here:,%20Santa!.mp3