Friday, July 20, 2007

Fiery Furnaces at the Gallivan Center

Somebody at the Salt Lake Arts Council deserves a lot of credit for the line-up of the Twilight Concert Series this year. The Fiery Furnaces last night; Peter Bjorn & John, & French Kicks soon. I mean who would have thought you'd be able to see these sorts of bands for free at the kind of community event where mom hangs out on the blanket while the kids play hula hoop. I was pretty excited about Fiery Furnaces because I'd never seen them and it was a treat. Before playing some older goodies, they basically played all of Bitter Tea, in order even. Except that they saved Teach Me Sweetheart for last which was perfect because that song just KILLS me. Although it's not like listening to the album played live, the music is practically rewritten, which speaks to their incredible talent. Here are a few photos of Eleanor and Matt (I still think brother/sister bands are just adorable) and the drummers.

mp3: The Fiery Furnaces - Teach Me Sweetheart

I didn't stick around for Yo La Tengo, so I have nothing to say about that. Sorry.

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cait said...

dirk??? i can't find your name anywhere here-but i saw it on katies blog... i knew you must have a blog- and sure enough it's about music-just what i need from you-more good music! I'm so happy! hope all is well.