Monday, July 23, 2007


There's always a lot of talk of the visually stunning, or what new sounds we can't get enough of, but I get a lot of pleasure from small things that satisfy the other senses too. Lately I've noticed a few of these things that have been so compelling, they demand a little attention. Here are a few things that have overwhelmed my senses recently:

This Capri Blue candle in "Aloha Orchid" I got from Anthropologie. It's like half Grandma's house, half beach house. If you can imagine.

My sister brought me this Milka Dessert Au Chcocolat bar from Germany. It's got some sort of cakey fudgy fluffy chocolate in the middle of the milk chocolate. I'm actually not a lover of chocolate bars, but this stuff is magic. Or drugs. I can only handle one little square at a time. I swear they've been fooling us and the chocolate we've been eating all our lives is really just made from imitation chocolate extract and this is the real pure thing. I don't know where to get it in America though. Maybe Cost Plus?

I had a phase of addiction to the C.O. Bigelow mentha lip gloss so when they expanded the line I had to try it. This Mentha body wash freaked me out at first but now I really like how it makes you feel insanely clean. Like so clean you sting. Like you bathed in liquid Altoids. Just be careful where you wash.


Jory Dayne said...

Pfft. Pfft to CostPlus. Go to your neighborhood, locally-owned, German delicatessen, Sigfried's, if I remember correctly, they carry the whole milka line.

Also, Target carries Milka now, but I don't know which bars specffically.

Jo said...

ach, thanks.

sMaLL aNd TaLl said...

oh my gosh did you know Milka's are my fav ever since i went to costa rica and ate them daily!!!