Friday, July 6, 2007


After a long lack of updates, I'm getting ready to change it up a little here at More Than Milk. We'll see in the next few days what direction I take. In the mean time, I've neglected to share photos from many recent shows so I thought I'd put up this little video of Great Lake Swimmers, a dreamy folk act from Toronto, playing recently here in Salt Lake. It was ridiculously hot in that little shed at Kilby Court, but the lilting banjo and Tony's voice tempered the heat from sweltering to seductive.

Its a bit rough but Libbie (the fabuloso opening act) got better video than I, so perhaps she'll share and I can replace this one. I only hope she caught a bit of Tony's charming nervous forehead scratching that began every single time he opened his mouth to speak.

mp3: Great Lake Swimmers - Moving Pictures Silent Films

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