Monday, October 15, 2007

The City of Miracles

These two are the whole reason I got to go to Glasgow. Mitch & Niall's wedding was one of the most beautiful and enjoyable I've ever been to. Maybe they'll adopt me. See how gorgeous Mitch looked? The dance party portion of the evening was pretty rad too. I did a last minute dj set (right before Bob here, as in Bob Hardy of Franz Ferdinand--that's right I'm name dropping) which was pretty non-profesh, especially considering Bob's an actual actual rock star. I mostly played what I would have had Mitch & I been dancing in the living room. But as soon as I have time I intend to record for Mitch & Niall the mix as it should have sounded had I had all my gear. (don't mind that my slip had crept up from dancing sooo hard.)

Also, did you know you can actually call it St. Glasgow now? That's right, enough miracles have occurred there. In fact, they were all while we were visiting. It happened something like this:
1. After losing my camera and being totally depressed about my inability to digitally immortalize the trip, an unnamed cab driver drives all the way back to our hotel to return the camera I'd dropped in his cab, I come home from hen night to find it on my bed with a note.
2. Perfect weather the entire time: 60s and sunny.
3. Subways come right when we want them.
4. I'll tell you when I remember
5. Finding the lost video camera battery.
6. something else awesome I forgot

Ok so we lost momentum. But we only needed three.

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