Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hello, there

I'm back to boring accents and plenty of internets! Amy, Emily and I spent a grand week in the UK, first Glasgow for the wedding of dear friends, then London for a little fun. It's been a couple days home now and I think I'm almost unpacked and almost dejetlagged.

If wasn't for jetlag, though, I wouldn't have had so much fun Friday night. I couldn't sleep early that morning, so I got up and chanced to see some America's Most Smartest Model on tv. Somehow, so had Libbie and JD, and that night when I was deliriously sleepy we actually reenacted the contest where they had to name as many items as possible in a certain category while walking the runway. Everything is so funny when you're tired! We styled ourselves in blankets and challenged each other to catwalk while naming things in the categories of: crayola color names, things that shimmer, and varieties of eggs. I really must have no pride that I'm telling you about our juvenile, sober, fun. But when was the last time you really played like a kid with no worries? It's a pretty good feeling. But I don't endorse the show.

Another good thing about traveling, every time I get home there's a package from another country waiting at home for me. How does this happen? Last time it was the gift of a vintage ring from Mitch & Niall in London. This time it was cartoon socks and candy from my adorable brother Andy who is currently an LDS missionary in Korea. That's him with the robot that he gave no explanation of.

Anyway, Ima try to get back to semi-regular posting. Maybe more about the trip, maybe I'll not hate music enough to post some. (But really, it's not getting less overwhelming--did you see the ridiculous amount of supposed to be good that was released this week? I'm boycotting all new music.)

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stacie said...

Yay, you're back!