Tuesday, November 20, 2007

cleaning out the inbox

Here's a little something I received from Holland I've been meaning to mention. Yoshimi! is the moniker of a one man multi-instrumentalist who's second ep you can download for free on his website. You know, the line between brilliant and grown man in mom's basement is fuzzy. Maybe it depends on the level self-awareness and I don't have a good sense of that here yet. Like sometimes I'm unsure how purposeful some of the dissonance actually is. It's likely this is more of a childlike exploration since now I think Yoshimi! is actually like, 13. Maybe he can cash in on that kid band thing that's going on. You can judge for yourself since it's free, but this particular track is worth checking out. First it makes you want to listen to "When Doves Cry" but then turns into a silly tribal thing, and then I just think, I want to have a dance party at the zoo!

mp3: Yoshimi! - Skelton

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