Saturday, November 3, 2007

I arrived at my mom's house the other night to my sister's confession, "I've been reading blogs!" This is the sister who out of some sort of principle refused to read my blog all this time. Well if you can read one, you can have one.

Fairchild's Sleeping Army

A few days before that I caught my mom cuddling with a stack of her fabric. And a few days later I caught her singing to her new blog.

All the Colors


Rosie said...

It wasn't that i wouldn't read YOUR blog. It was ANY blog. But i am now a friend of blogsandstuff.

stacie said...

Was she really singing? Did you get an mp3 of it?

Jo said...

yes! well it was sort of humming i guess. i woke up to this little ditty as she looked at her bog and it sounded like she was just reeaal happy with it. but there's no proof. i should start keeping my recording equipment on my person 24/7.