Tuesday, December 18, 2007

me me me

A few weeks ago at church with a friend a member of the Bishopbric introduced me with "...and there's a song about her." After which this lovely man proceeded to sing Kool & the Gang's "Joanna" for everyone. I had the single 45 when I was little, but have no idea what happened to it. Soon afterwards when I found myself without my hard drive full of music to entertain me I went looking for the song, and every other song with my name in it. These are just the better/more interesting ones.

mp3: Kool & The Gang - Joanna
mp3: Eddy Grant - Gimme Hope Joanna (not about a girl, but Johannesburg, South Africa)
mp3: Serge Gainsbourg - Joanna (I need a translator for this. Something about a banana, and Joanna can dance. Yes, yes I can.)
mp3: Scott Walker - Joanna
mp3: Gillan - Bringing Joanna Back (I rhyme with piana!)
mp3: Moneybrother - It's Been Hurting All the Way With You Joanna
mp3: Rod Stewart - Jo's Lament

When I told my aunt Connie I'd done this, she was sure there were no songs about her. So I set out to prove her otherwise. There were others but they're all instrumental. It doesn't count if you don't actually hear someone singing your name.

mp3: Xavier Rudd - Connie's Song

So anyone can play this game. Try out the fun.


Connie Onnie said...

My name is Connie, so thanks for the song. PS I like your blog.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you found one! The song is . . . well, it has a certain Mayberry charm. It seems an added bonus that the artist is named Xavier. Thanks Jo.
--Aunt Connie

Anonymous said...

Basically, the Gainsbourg's song speak about a girl named Joanna (but I guess you already figured it) which is really fat but can dance like if she was thin.

"Joanna est aussi grosse qu'un éléphant, c'est la plus grosse de toute la Nouvelle-Orléans et pourtant...
Joanna, Joanna, Joanna tu sais danser leger leger)

Joanna est bien de la Louisiane
Quand elle suit un régime c'est un régime de bananes
Et pourtant... Joanna Joanna Joanna "

Could be translated as:

"Joanna is fat like an elephant, she's the biggest of the New-Orleans but ...
Joanna (*3 times) you know how to dance ligth/smoothly
Joanna come from Louisiana, when she try to get slim, she eats a pack of banana, but..."

All apologizes for my poor English language and this incomplete translation...
Some words used in French have a double meaning, making it more interesting than this nearly literal translation.

Hope it helps.