Thursday, December 20, 2007


I never studied marketing or anything, but I'm a pretty avid consumer, and this Burger King thingy seems pretty smart to me. It's a hidden camera's look at what would happen if they took away the Whopper. It was probably totally cheap to make, it's hilarious, and it actually made me want a Whopper, which I probably haven't had in 10 years or so. Really you're just watching an 8 minute commercial, but how amusing to see how your average Joe reacts when he can't get what he wants. That screen grab is of my favorite guys of the video. I think the one on the right has hit on something great there with the pleather scrubs.

That was your first tidbit for the day. The next two tidbits are just two things that have been on heavy rotation on my itunes lately.

mp3: Junior Boys - In The Morning (Hot Chip Remix)
Speaking of Hot Chip, you can download the entire upcoming album here, just be warned--it's audio-marked. (Thanks, Niall.)

mp3: Celebration - Heartbreak
I got a slew of new music from Dirk including this and it's a good thing cause I was in dire need. I had a promo single of Celebration a long time ago and never gave it a chance which was totally dumb of me. It's a very full sound and I think this song in particular appeals to my crazy girl self.

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Mitch said...

ha, ha. i did just what the big bk wanted me to and watched their whole viral. but it did make me laugh.