Thursday, November 29, 2007

well then how about joojle

I get pretty smart when I'm tired. In those few lucid minutes before falling asleep in bed I often compose melodies, dream up sewing projects, write imaginary emails, make mental lists, and so on. Too bad that because of all the sleepiness I don't usually remember all my grand ideas. I think I just remember the dumb ones. Last night I imagined a letter I'd write to Deseret Industries about how much I love them. I also decided it would be real funny if we all started calling it Goojle instead of Google, like we weren't sure how to pronounce that second 'g'. No? Oh ok. And two nights before in near sleep I became determined to sew a bow out of some vintage fabric I have, apparently inspired by that Project Runway dress. So the next morning I did. Then Jory took my photo with actual lighting and an actual camera. And now I'm real tired again.

[edit] I was real tired. I crashed for 11 hours after writing this post!


Anonymous said...

you're very talented! i love the half jabot/bow you made--how did you tie it? thanks!

Jo said...

thanks! nothing fancy, just like i'd tie my shoelaces. but i might like it better with some experimenting.