Friday, December 21, 2007


I tried a little experiment with my Christmas wrapping this year. I got the idea from one of my mom's sewing books. First I sewed some plaid onto brown craft paper from the garage.
And sewed a little tag for the underside, just freehanded with the feed dogs down.But I liked this thinner brown pinstripey paper from Ikea much better. And I tried a little holoshimmer thread this time. The bows could use some perfecting. They're just long strips of paper rolled together, fanned a bit, and wound with thread.
It's a bit cumbersome to sew paper for a large present, there's probably a good way I just haven't figured out yet. But you could get creative with what you're sewing--random stripes, patterns, drawings, writing. I've still got more wrapping to do so we'll see what happens.


Brooke said...

You are cool, Jo.

Jo said...

no brooke, YOU are.