Monday, January 21, 2008


I'm watching a rerun of last week's Project Runway as I write my thesis (bad idea?) and GEEZ I'm so sad Kit is gone. I would much rather have been done with Ricky's crying and those asinine hats. I understand Kit's apron dress wasn't totally avant garde, but I couldn't help but like the apron/layered/bird's nest creation because I love aprons (like my mum), I love calico prints, and I love color gradations. It's too bad this photo doesn't show the awesome mess of ribbons in the back. At least Christian's team's amazing dress won. When in doubt, ruffles and layers.

My choices for final three are Gillian (when she stuffed giant Hershey's pillows through her suspenders that solidified it for me), Christian (who used to make me crazy but don't you wanna hang out with him?) and... Sweet P because she's more likeable than Rami but he has a good shot too. Hopefully the writer's strike will be over by the finale of PR or else it will be time to cancel the satellite.


Amber said...

those dresses are rad. still don't have bravo. we need another project runway night.

Mike & Shelby said...

You crack me up!

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