Monday, January 21, 2008

Sundance Film Festival 2008: Take 1

Katie and I had some bad luck at the Sundance Film Festival last night. We went to see Metric play, but apparently they had cancelled. Sondre Lerche was playing instead but they'd stopped letting people in. So we tried to waitlist a film screening. It was a German film called Wave based on a real story about a high school teacher's unique lesson on autocracy. Sounds like it could be a little Zimbardo Prison Experiment-ish, which made me really interested to see it. (Apparently the Germans like to dramatize the study of social psychology--they also made a movie based on that Prison Experiment.) But alas, the theater filled up right before we could get our waitlist tickets. Poo. Those were the two failures of the day.

But we also had two successes. First, sightings on Main Street, Park City:

David Wain of "The State" and "Stella"
Andrew Keegan of 10 Things I Hate About You with way too perfectly groomed eyebrows.
Giada from the Food Network
Jodie Foster who was tiny and looked great. I got conned into taking a picture for two nutty ladies who posed with her. Then as she walked away they yelled, "I love you! You're work is brilliant! You're a genius!" and I said "Oh gosh" in response to the ladies not Jodie and Katie said, "Thank you for Freaky Friday."

Second, discovered some delishy chocolates at The Village Candy Shoppe--shopping local rather than at Rocky Mountain. They have what they call an Egghead or something or other that is a homemade caramel covered in white chocolate and cinnamon sugar, which makes this place worth a visit. I also had a plain caramel that looked like a little weenie or snausage but that picture totally doesn't do it justice. I should have got a shot of them all stacked up together. And Katie had a giant cherry cordial supreme thingy.

Hopefully there will be better luck later in the week with actual movies and something interesting to report.

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