Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Someone asked me recently what I use for my site stats which reminded me that I've been meaning to mention Clicky, which I think a lot of you bloggers would really enjoy if you aren't already.

Sitemeter was good to me for a while, but I didn't like that I could only see my 100 most recent visits, and I didn't feel like their enhanced service would be worth $7+ a month. Enter Google Analytics. I loved all the metadata, the free, and especially playing with the map overlay.
Though I'm sure it would be much more useful to me if I was actually using this blog to make a bunch of money.

Then I was introduced to Clicky Web Analytics and I'm loving it. First of all, it looks good.
Whereas Google Analytics give you a global view of your traffic, Clicky is more detailed and individualized. I know how some of you love to stalk your stalkers. You can name IP addresses, so you see names on your list of hits. Or "That creepy guy who likes toes." You can also list all visits from a certain IP address, so you can see how individuals use your site. You can see all outgoing links of a visit instead of just the first, like on Sitemeter. My only complaint might be that I can't link directly to referral websites. Oh and if you're on Wordpress or one of those that don't allow Javascript, you lose some stuff, like referrals. But I must really like it because at the end of the trial period where you get to use all the fancy features, I paid $12 for a year of an upgrade above the free plan.

So that would have been the long answer. I guess a shorter answer is: I check Clicky daily, Google Analytics weekly, and rarely anymore Sitemeter.

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