Monday, January 14, 2008

we are not crazy, we are not afraid

Like I said, I have already found what is sure to be one of my favorite albums of 2008. Ok, I fell in love with them in 07 but it's an 08 release. So I can be done with whining about the music of the last year because things are looking up. I haven't yet been able to take The Do's A Mouthful off repeat. I first wanted to hear it because I was sucked in by this photo of bandmates Dan and Olivia which was supposedly the album cover...

But the real cover is below. It's being released in France today, though I can't quite get a straight answer from the band about how one would obtain the album legitimately in the States. In the mean time, you may be able to find a rar file of it here.

Olivia's vocals are the first reason you'll fall in love with The Do. Sometimes the sound is volatile, like a cry, a scream, or a combustion is around the corner, yet I'd bet she has excellent control of her voice. They create their own little world on this album with the range they attempt, and actually get away with--a child's chant, a melancholy lullaby, an ethnic jaunt, and a rap are all in the mix. Here I'm including "The Bridge is Broken" because it's pretty representative of them, and "Stay (Just a Little Bit More)" because it's at once snarky and dainty, and I cannot get it out of my head. Be assured, you'll be hearing more about these guys.

mp3: The Do - The Bridge Is Broken
mp3: The Do - Stay (Just a Little Bit More)

The Do on myspace


Matthew Milo Jackson said...

yo yo
both tracks are the same.
Thanks dude.


Jo said...

ah! fixed. thanks.

niall said...

Glad you like The Do- I've still not listened to them yet. I'll rectify that right now. Fancy a trip to the DI on Saturday with me, Mitchy and Amber? Say YES!