Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Sorry about these post titles, I just can't help it. I'm reading these super British teenage girl books where they make up words like maturiosity and hilariosity and snoggosity and it's overtaking my thinking.

I'll probably never sit in an actual tent in Bryant Park during New York Fashion Week. Unless, do you think designers invite their therapists for front row seats? But at least I have the internet. I'm remembering one fall fashion week during college where I was sick at my mom's house, eventually to be told I'd need emergency surgery, then to be told before surgery everything was fine. (Miracle? Loony doctor?) At the time, I was barely strong enough to make it up a flight of stairs and the lights of the family room were so painfully bright I couldn't stand to have them on. But I drug myself out from a week-long bed-ridden stupor so I could watch the runway shows on tv. Gosh I am thankful for my health. But I still wish I was rich already so I could buy some fancier duds. This year I watch from the comfort of my deliciously cozy brand new bed and I'm a bit more aware of what's going on. Here's what I've gathered after watching almost if not all the NY shows.

Trends from the runway:
baggy and oversized, especially jackets, blazers, and coats
bland colors--blacks and neutrals without a hint of life
20s & 30s as inspiration

Trends that have been around a while but are still designer (and me) approved:
bows, especially around the neck
high-waisted belts

As complete collections, Zac Posen Anna Sui, and Carolina Herrera were a few of my favorites. Carolina Herrera was a surprise since I'm usually pretty ambivalent about her.

Zac Posen

Anna Sui

Carolina Herrera

Picks from other favorites...

I love these looks for the delicate details.

Max Azria


Derek Lam

Koi Suwannagate


In these I'm drawn to the retrosity.

Betsey Johnson

Jill Stuart

Other favorites. Especially love the colors.

Matthew Williamson


3.1 Phillip Lim

My favorite model of the moment:

Freja Beha Erichsen (in Vera Wang)

Fashion is hard. Time for a rest.


Andy • Drew • Andrew said...

thanks for a complete line-up of shows coming to town. previously, i only knew about 4 of those. good shots on the cat walk too.

Anonymous said...


Mike & Shelby said...

Jo, I love your complete fashion passion! (Or should I say passionosity?) It's great.

(And I understand you pain from when you were sick at your mom's! My vote goes for looney doc...but that's a tender subject for me right now!)

Mike & Shelby said...

I totally want to hit up the mac counter with you...it would be great to have an informant with me!