Wednesday, February 13, 2008

she knows your hands will clap

Just in case you were wondering, you can get from London to Stockholm for like 5 quid. If you weren't wondering how to get to Stockholm, you should be after you listen to this.

Lykke Li mania is going round and thank goodness she didn't make us wait any longer for an album. Youth Novels came out last last week in Sweden and you can get it here. Lykke is the one who made this video for "Little Bit" that has gotta be in my top 5 or so music videos ever.

Its not out in the U.S. yet but paying extra to get the import will be worth it. It was produced by Bjorn of Peter, Bjorn & John, in all his Swedish glory, and Lykke herself is full of entrancing wiles. Youth Novels is zero filler and is perfectly ordered. It flows from subtle catchiness that makes you have to shimmy to a slow motion sun-hazed day in the park with a little strategic falsetto here and there, and a touch of dirr'y synths for good measure. Mark my words, this will be on everyone's lists come December.

mp3: Lykke Li - Hanging High

You can hear several other songs on Lykke's myspace.
Jory has given us the heads up about those RIP comments on her page, which had just be some evil hack. Effin myspace.

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