Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V Day

a handpicked playlist from me to you

mp3: The Legends - Heart
Donovan - Wear Your Love Like Heaven
mp3: Tahiti 80 - Love From Outer Space
mp3: DeVotchKa - You Love Me
mp3: Yes - Owner of a Lonely Heart
mp3: Lucky Soul - Give Me Love


Caulfield said...

Okay. You're amazing. Donovan, Wear Your Love Like Heaven? One of my favorite songs when I was in high school, oh yeah. And "Owner of A Lovely Heart"? I thought that was my own private guilty pleasure. One of the most underrated rock'n'roll riffs of all time. The song suffered from guilt by association with the worst rock'n'roll decade of all time -- the 80's. But then, I'm biased. I don't know where you find this stuff, but you must have inherited your fine taste.


Spencer said...

Good stuff