Monday, March 24, 2008

don't bother

At first a Sephora in Utah sounds splendid. Then you realize you have to go to JCPenney to get to it. A JCPenney in Ogden. In a strip mall. Sephora has started putting stores in JCPenneys all over but might as well have chosen 7-11 to team up with. You could tell Sephora for free, faster than any market research they pay for, that their average customer is not the average JCPenney customer. Not to be frontin JCPenney cutomers. JCPenney maybe.

This Sephora opened last week in the JCPenney on Riverdale Road. Bad bad poopy location, but since I drive past Ogden regularly I was still quite excited about it, ready not to have to pay online shipping or wait until I make it out of town to hit a Sephora. Until I realized, I'm shopping in a JCPenney. While I expected a Sephora in a department store to be smaller, at this size it serves very little purpose. I can get many brands they carry at Nordys. But when I want Loccitane, Fresh, or any number of other favorites, I will still have to order online. Plus, I would prefer paying and waiting for shipping than dealing with these salespeople. I interacted with several of them and they were simply underqualified, unprofessional, and unhelpful. And, your Sephora insider card isn't even valid here since you're actually shopping at JCPenney. News has it Sephora is opening a distrubution center in West Valley to serve stores west of the Mississippi. It would be pretty convenient if while they're at it, they just open up a real one at Trolley Square.


kathryn said...

oh... barf! sounds like it's still online shopping for me.

Despistada said...

Thanks for the info! I wonder what they think they're doing.

melanie said...

Ya, seriously! What were they thinking opening one in Ogden as opposed to Salt Lake, or even Provo?