Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sad or Sadcore: Round 2

Today's round of Sad or Sadcore is brought to you by the local businesses of middle America and their reckless cleverness. Here we see some intentionally misspelled business signs. Maybe these choices are just good business sense, weird spelling draws attention and therefore more patronage, right?

SLC, Utah

Preston, Idaho

Preston, Idaho

This type of purposeful misspelling should not be confused with wordplayed business names, like the beauty parlor in Preston called Cuttin Curral. (Get it? curl/corral?)

This sad or sadcore verdict can also apply to the naming of other things, such as blogs.

So I ask you,


Mike & Shelby said...

Have you ever read those emails sent from "over seas?" They can be pretty entertaining. There are words that are used that are completely wrong...but if you put in the synonym, it works. They are trying to sound 'fluent and intelligent' yet it comes out really idiotic! Too funny. I like your sad/sadcore game!

Brooke said...

Attatude should be Attattooed. Don't you think? Then it wouldn't be so poopy.