Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jag vet något

Apparently more than 2% of the visitors to this blog view it in Swedish. So maybe one of them knows whether I said that right. My brother, recently returned from Korea, keeps speaking Korean to me. So I practice Swedish on him. He thinks all I ever say is "It's over there." It seems like to get the pronunciation right you have to keep your mouth almost closed and barely move your jaw. That's pretty hard for us loud Americans.

Some new Swedish music has been floating around here too. I only have time to mention one right now, The LK. I like the way they introduce themselves.

The LK is Lindefelt and Fredrik. They are a borderline pop duo from some of the more violent parts of Scandinavia. They are equally fond of bricks, spooky cinemas, rough weather, Mary Wilson, and Merzbow. Lindefelt has a brain condition that makes him confound sounds and colours. Fredrik is a chef. Fredrik is a dog person. Lindefelt isn't. The full name of the band is The Love of Kevin, Colour, Chaos and the Sound of K.

mp3: The LK - Blakboy Vs. The Snow

Hear more at LKspace.


Anonymous said...

Du sa det rätt:D
Tänker retas lite nu och skriva allt på svenska.
Tycker om din blogg, du har riktigt bra musiksmak. Ha det bra


Jo said...

hah. tack, erik.