Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sad or Sadcore?

Here's a new little game we can play here on more than milk. I present to you some thing, and you tell me whether it's sad or sadcore. I cleverly named this game "Sad or Sadcore?" You may have heard the term sadcore in the musical context, but it has come to take on a more general meaning. Sadcore = so bad it's good. Use of sadcore is prevalent in ironic hipster fashion, exeplified by the recent mustache outbreak.

Let's try this out. The other day in Logan I found myself behind a giant pickup truck that had dangling from its tow hitch a giant chrome ballsac. Like he tore them off some naughty bull, dipped them in silver, and tied them to his truck to show the 50 other residents of Logan that he is really tough. They might have even been bigger than a bull's balls. Maybe he's a rodeo cowboy and he won the bucking elephant competition and that was his trophy? I didn't actually have time to snap a photo before he turned off into the Wal-Mart parking lot. I now realize I could have followed him and had a great shot once he parked and left his car. Oh well. A google search proves this is actually a thing.

I guess Logan dude went classy with chrome. So now you tell me, is his truck accessory just awful, or is it so awful you can't help but love it?


Kurt said...

Awesome. Bonus points for vitriol.

Mike & Shelby said...

I'll have to have Mike vote too....HIS opinion would probably be different than mine!

worldofkarma said...

Ha. We see those on a daily basis here in TX... utterly disconcerting & completely vulger. I hate them!