Saturday, March 15, 2008

Leslie & the Ly's @ Kilby Court, 3/14/08

We missed Leslie & the Ly's last time they came through SLC, so last night was a pretty exciting event. If you haven't discovered the internet phenomenon of Leslie Hall, I'm not sure where to begin. Er, she collects gem sweaters, names them, sings about them, all while wearing as much gold and clip-in hair as possible. To really understand, begin your studies here. She has gone from an art student who needed a way to make some money, to an incredibly talented performer and one of the funniest spawn of internet celebrity.

It's the kind of thing you just have to see. In the middle of the show the music stops and audience members adorned with their own gem sweaters are pulled onstage for a naming ceremony, where Leslie channels the higher powers of bedazzlement to knight each sweater with it's own title. Then she leaps around the stage screaming in celebration, and finally presents a certificate of authenticity to the sweater owner. She's the kind of person who makes some people uncomfortable because they don't know when she's playing a character and when she's being real. I don't care, she can come to my slumber party and go on all night about villages, gracful kittens, and lady ticklers.


worldofkarma said...

I love this woman. Her unabashed love of gaudy sweaters is endearing. And she has flow. What's not to love?

km said...

ohhhh jo. i mean really, right?!?
she was awesome!
i will love love love it if you email me those pics from that magical night.