Sunday, April 13, 2008

Are you happy, man? Good, man.

Here's the first of a little catchup on some of the media that has been rolling around here. Niall told me I had to watch American Movie and I finally got around to it. It's a documentary about a geeky dirty midwestern guy Mark trying to make independent films. I think he thought I would think it was hilarious, but I was all choked up at the end. Ok there are definitely hilarious moments like when Uncle Bill recites love poetry, "I'll visit your grave every day. Well not every day but I'll visit it sometimes if I ever find it." I was all prepared to be laughing at people taking themselves too seriously, but Mark is kinda my hero. Here's why.

1 - He works in a cemetery.
2 - His movie-making skills aren't actually horrible. I dig the old school look.
3 - Sadcore glasses.
4 - He goes against the stereotype his appearance elicits--he's gentle and is so good to his uncle, children, and friends.
5 - He is excited about life. He's not afraid to fail. I wish I had more of that. I think about my friends with great talent and potential who could do or create amazing things but for whatever reason don't take the leap. I wish we would all just go for it like Mark does.


Stephanie said...

So did he ever finish his movie?

Jo said...

He did finish one of them and got some great closure. You'll just have to watch it.