Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Los Angeles Considers Temporary Homicide Ban?

Thanks goodness. Now gangbangers all over South Central will think twice before rounding up the homies for a drive by, and instead they'll just settle for throwing eggs. But don't worry vatos, when the ban is over things will go back to normal. Good thing, I heard today the price of eggs has gone up 25%.

KTLA reports,

The Los Angeles City Council dropped plans Tuesday for a symbolic moratorium on killing... After a 45-minute debate, the council reworked its resolution, saying the city's opposition to homicides should last more than a single weekend.
Next thing you now, they're gonna say genocide is not so nice either. Here's the full article. I really don't think KTLA is daring enough to have pulled this out as an April Fools, so I assume someone from The Onion has gone undercover as an actual reporter.

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