Wednesday, May 14, 2008

NYC Part I: Lykke Li @ Bowery Ballroom

Made it back from NYC with a few stories. I'll do this one at a time so as not to overwhelm.

First things first. March 8 at Bowery Ballroom was Swedish lady fest extravaganza with Anna Ternheim, Lykke Li and El Perro del Mar. Couldn't get into Anna before, but have promised to listen to her now because she was so cute like an orphan. El Perro del Mar sounds great, but after the rambunctious Lykke Li her set was a bit depressing. As we've learned from her videos, Lykke knows how to move and that means everything live. In comparison, El Perro's performance feels like mourning. Shows should peak at the end, not the middle. The assesment: I want to be friends with Anna, be Lykke, and write songs like El Perro.

The second photo is the visual for the lyric "and forget about my tainted heart" on "Little Bit." A decent video of "Dance Dance Dance" from that night can be seen here.

UPDATE: Or watch Jory's videos of "Dance Dance Dance" here (where you can see Lykke's huge-o pants) and "Little Bit" here (where you can see the awful hat in front of us).

Oh yeah, and more of my photos of the show are here.

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