Thursday, May 15, 2008

NYC Part II: Blood on the dance floor

Bowery Ballroom for the second night in the row, last Friday for Shy Child and Midnight Juggernauts. It was great and fun and all that, but we discovered that there is also a Dance Bully in NYC. At first he was kinda friendly so I couldn't hate him, but near the end of the show he was real drunk and jumping a lot. Jumped right on my foot. Said a little "ow" and that was that. Until the music ended, the lights went up, and I was standing in a pool of blood. It wouldn't stop bleeding and I eventually saw that my toe had essentially been scalped. And I had kept on dancing in my own ooze.

This wasn't quite all the blood, and sadly we don't see here the coagulated blood blob monster that emerged in the cleanup. Thank goodness for Josh who rescued me with his pseudo EMT-ing. The funny thing is that the big bouncers had all this advice on how to properly clean and care for my toe. By then the club was empty but for these two girls dolled up all cool, staying safely on the other side of the room though watching intently and yelling across to me to make sure I was ok. I wish I had a pictures of them. And the bouncers. And Bowery Dance Bully.

my toe, josh's handiwork

The Bowery had to fill out an incident report and gave me some bottled water but wouldn't pay for my cab home. And the drama wasn't over. One cab driver refused to take me to Harlem, so I got a bit gruff with him, using some words and gestures that are quite rare from me. But it was illegal to refuse a fare within the city! And I was injured! In the end, all was well. Amy brought me 2am pizza and my toe is doing much better now.

Jory has a few more photos of the incident on flickr.


Basil said...

Ow - sore one. But really, open toes at a show? You know how to live dangerously! Boo to the bully and get well soon.


Stephanie said...

Ouch!! That picture is gory. It would fit right in on your sister's blog!!

Jo said...

yeah i know, why wasn't i wearing shoes? several reasons: 1 - it was raining and feet are nature's galoshes. 2 - dancing is hard with shoes. 3 - i hate shoes.

Mike & Shelby said...

OHHHH, that's quite the boo boo! So sorry....that picture does enough to show the scalping.

Anonymous said...

Eeuuwww! What a nasty end to a fun evening. I'm sure the bouncers have seen grosser things!