Sunday, July 13, 2008

Faded Paper Figures

When my brother goes to the movies, he likes to purposely butcher the movie name when he buys his tickets. Just slightly. Getting Smarter, The Mr. Hancock, you know. Just enough so the ticket guy knows what movie he wants, but thinks, what an idiot. This kind of tempted me to entitle this post something like Fading Papered Figurines. But then I decided to be respectful to the band. But then I told you about it anyway.

So a few days ago I received the Faded Paper Figures upcoming album Dynamo to review, which I was a pretty pretty excited about. But my excitement did not even prepare me for how good Dynamo is. Like, Postal Service or Stars good. FPF balance the electric and the organic, the catchy and the honest. I don't always care a lot about lyrics, but in this case it only adds to the charm, something about the lines in the chorus of "Metropolis": Just south of here utopia/For sixty bones euphoria... The lyrical talent in FPF is especially apparent after the struggle I've had listening to The Long Blondes recently because of their laughable lyrics. With FPF it's like a game to see if you can catch the philosophical and historical allusions.

You don't know it yet, but you love FPF. Maybe you've seen Kael's work on that Lexus commercial? Not to mention, John is brother-in-law to the Libbie Linton. And a fellow Mormon academic. So get listening. Check out "Polaroid Solution" here, and a few more on their myspace. They have saved some serious gems for the album, like "Geneva's Gone" and "The Persuaded," so be sure to get it on iTunes when it's released next week or just grab it now from CD Baby.

mp3: Faded Paper Figures - Polaroid Solution

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