Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Remix Tuesday

Am I still allowed to call it that if I don't do it every week? Well, it's Tuesday, and I want to listen to some satisfying remixes. These remixes. With you.

mp3: Goldfrapp - A&E (Maps Remix)
mp3: MPTP - Jim Morrison (Zeigeist Remix)
mp3: Timbuktu - Låt Nr. 92 (Kocky Remix)


Reagan said...

Yea, you're coming to LA?! Call me when you get here, my number's 801-318-4651. Me and Teya are going to stay in Utah for a month cause Jessie's baby is almost here and we want to meet him. And I'm visiting Idaho when Steph comes... so we can see each other twice possibly!

Reagan said...

Oh, and we're still with the Heders, so maybe you can hang with them while you're out here.