Tuesday, August 12, 2008

basia, basia, basia

Time to check in on what's getting top plays on the iPod this week.

I'd been seeing that image of Basia Bulat's album cover around the blogs and record shops for a while and just kept thinking, that looks like Michelle Williams. Which is maybe why I didn't listen to it for a while because that resemblance just recalled the melancholy of the loss of Heath Ledger. But one can only resist a cool hat for so long, which is lucky because Oh, My Darling is a sweet and tender gem of a folk album. Uncomplicated but with a range that keeps things from getting boring. "The Pilgriming Vine" in particular is one I wish I'd written and I'll be watching for the upcoming music video.

mp3: Basia Bulat - The Pilgriming Vine

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Stephanie said...

This song was good accompaniment to the bull-riding video below!