Monday, August 11, 2008

Carnie Gras '08

Last weekend is what my parents' hometown of Preston, Idaho looks forward to all year. It's the small town country western version of Summer in Ibiza or whatever crowded raucous comparison you can imagine. Rodeo weekend and all the accompanying festivities. We get to see all sorts of wackadoodle, like these clowns somersaulting over bulls and kicking at their horns with their sneakers.

And then there was this rockin cowboy.

It kinda makes me want to try bull riding. Why are there no girl bull riders anyway? How come they only let them do barrel racing? That's wack.

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Heather said...

my step moms family is from preston!
i believe its the parkinson family. or the bullens.
either way. family reunions are held there. what a glorious place it is.