Friday, November 6, 2009

the wait is over

Some of my friends made this thing that they worked so hard on and we waited so long for and now it's finally here and ready for you to see.

(I sort of consulted on the music for the trailer. Apparently I'm into darker things, but that's as close as I'll ever get to my dream job of doing music for movies. Unless.)

I am dying just watching the promo videos. Like when Jeru tries to style Mike White like a fundy, or when Sam Rockwell gives her a hard time for eating a lot (as if).

Broncos is out now in several major cities and more next week, check for times and get yourself there asap.


Tara said...

No WAY! Jermaine?!? You did the music?! Awesome!!

Jo said...

oh no, i was just asked for help on the trailer. but it didn't even go over that well. nothing to even about.

amy said...

we tried to go watch this like you said, but tuesday ended up not working out, wednesday and thursday were never going to work, and by friday it wasn't playing anywhere that we could find, so we saw where the wild things are.

hellothewhit said...

This movie was fantastic. Except slightly disgusting.