Saturday, January 21, 2006

Change Channel Video

aaah! A Lo-Fi-FNK video for Change Channel? Thank you. I like seeing the boys dance in their wife-beaters and the use of animated scotch tape.

I have not been able to get enough of these guys ever since I first heard them. Lo-Fi-Fnk are Leo Drougge and August Hellsing who are cute, young, and Swedish, just like the best of em. And here's a little remix.

Mp3: Change Channel (Soul Supreme Remix) - Lo-Fi-Fnk

They've finished a full-length that has no release date so until then we have to keep ourselves occupied with the And the JFG... ep. They are on Moshi Moshi Records in the U.S., whose site is severely lacking in info so I am not even linking to it. Not that that'll teach em.
Lo-Fi-Fnk on MySpace

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